Is Getting An In-Home Nurse For Your Disabled Child Right For You?

In home nurse helping special needs child

Even though it’s not the most straightforward job, parenting is unquestionably rewarding. The majority of our time as parents is devoted to attempting to look after our kids. Parents perform various everyday tasks, including feeding and bathing their children, dropping them off at school and picking them up, and assisting with their homework. Parents are […]

Trauma-Informed Pediatric Care And How It Protects Your Children

Woman Recieving Doctor Care at Hospital

Throughout our lives, most of us will be subjected to events that are potentially traumatizing. When these events occur during our youth, they can leave deep and lasting emotional scars. It’s essential that children who have experienced traumatic events have a support system that knows how to help. Advanced Pediatrics of Rockland helps attend to […]

Pediatric Epilepsy: How It Can Be Treated For Better Quality Of Life

Childhood Epilepsy

Despite the risk of seizures in epilepsy, children are more worried about how their peers will view them when diagnosed with epilepsy. Most children are afraid they’ll be bullied, and many families struggle to afford their child’s medication. However, there are ways to improve your child’s quality of life, even with a difficult diagnosis such […]

How To Recognize Signs Of Childhood Leukemia

Hands Holding Leukemia Ribbon

The symptoms of childhood leukemia can sometimes look like the symptoms of other illnesses. If you notice any symptoms in your child, it’s vital to have them tested, regardless of whether they’re diagnosed with leukemia. If your child is diagnosed with leukemia, seeing a doctor is vital to their treatment. How to Recognize Signs of […]

Are Early Childhood Wheezing and Bottle Feeding In Bed Connected?

Child with baby bottle

One of the struggles of being a new parent is how demanding your little one can seem. Is anything that saves time or offers even a few more minutes of sleep worth trying? That’s why many new parents consider leaving a formula or breast milk bottle with their child in their crib. It is a […]

Start The Year Right With Immunizations

Child Recieving Vaccination From Doctor

Protecting your child against most preventable diseases starts with vaccinations. Keeping your child on a vaccination schedule is how many pediatricians ensure your child is the healthiest. Healthcare providers work with you to ensure you don’t worry about missing a vaccination. We do our best to guarantee that your child is as protected as possible […]

Melatonin, How It Helps, and How It Can Be Dangerous

Stack of melatonin next to water and clock

When we think of melatonin, it isn’t often that the idea of “poisoning” comes to mind. For many parents, melatonin represents the hope of a peaceful night’s sleep for their child. Unfortunately, there has been a notable increase in children overdosing on this otherwise helpful substance in the past 10 years. The Center for Disease […]

Our Tips to Keep Kids Warm All Winter

Child Out In Winter Snow

No matter what weather winter brings, it’s essential to ensure that your children remain warm and secure throughout the season. Between rushing to work, getting them to school, and outdoor activities with the family, this can be challenging to keep up with. Keeping your children warm will help keep their immune systems strong as they […]

How To Know If Your Child Is Exhibiting Problematic Behavior

Woman Experiencing Anger Amid Grayscale Background

A natural part of children’s emotional and behavioral growth is acting out on one or more occasions. While experiencing these outbursts, children tend to interrupt others, disobey rules that have been put in place, and experience intense emotional distress. However, a deeper-rooted issue may be present when the outbursts happen on an increasingly frequent basis, […]

Identifying Signs Of Asthma In Your Child

Asthma Symptoms

Asthma is a common respiratory concern that many people face in America today. This condition causes the lungs and airways to narrow and swell, often accompanied by excessive mucus production. The severity of the condition ranges from patient to patient, with some experiencing severe symptoms and others finding it a mild irritant at worse. In […]