How To Know If Your Child Is Exhibiting Problematic Behavior

Woman Experiencing Anger Amid Grayscale Background

A natural part of children’s emotional and behavioral growth is acting out on one or more occasions. While experiencing these outbursts, children tend to interrupt others, disobey rules that have been put in place, and experience intense emotional distress. However, a deeper-rooted issue may be present when the outbursts happen on an increasingly frequent basis, […]

Identifying Signs Of Asthma In Your Child

Asthma Symptoms

Asthma is a common respiratory concern that many people face in America today. This condition causes the lungs and airways to narrow and swell, often accompanied by excessive mucus production. The severity of the condition ranges from patient to patient, with some experiencing severe symptoms and others finding it a mild irritant at worse. In […]

What Every Parent Should Know About Immunizations

Child Receiving Vaccination

Watching your child receive an injection as a parent can be challenging. Especially if it’s accompanied by concern about whether or not the treatment is truly necessary. Millions of American children receive immunizations each year without any negative consequences. Despite this, persistent rumors claim that there are potentially serious consequences to receiving a vaccine. If […]

Keep Your Child Safe In The Ongoing Pandemic

Children In School

Life in an ongoing pandemic is challenging for educators, children, and parents alike. There is still an abundant mix of policies regarding masking and protocols involving COVID. Some locations are going mask-free, while others still require their students and staff to mask daily. In this same vein, some schools are retaining their remote schooling policies, […]

Getting The Flu Vaccination During The Pandemic

COVID Vaccine

Since the onset of the pandemic, it’s been more essential than ever to take steps to prevent illness. One easy step to accomplish this is getting your yearly flu vaccine. A flu shot yearly is essential to lasting help, especially in older patients. However, it also increases the COVID-19 exposure risk. While this risk has […]

How To Identify Potential Hearing Concerns In Children

Child Hearing Issues

We must consider all areas of our children’s health as they develop. Some health concerns, such as those related to hearing, can be challenging to identify in the earliest years. Our children may be unable to communicate that they’re experiencing issues. The symptoms that may reveal a developing concern may not immediately be intuitive or […]

The Impact of HPV And How Vaccination Helps

Woman with HPV Vaccine

Becoming sexually active is a part of nearly everyone’s life. However, numerous risks occur as part of this important part of life. We all receive an education about the more common risks associated with being sexually active. These include pregnancy, social concerns, and sexually transmitted infections. However, one STI affects 8/10 people in the United […]

Catching Eating Disorders Early Can Avoid Disaster


There has been notable and steady growth in the appearance of eating disorders in recent years. Studies reveal that this growing problem is likely due to the selfie culture. This desire to always look our “best” has led to many taking drastic measures to lose weight and view themselves as a thing. Along the way, […]

How Play Can Improve Your Child’s Health

There has been a growing understanding of the vital nature of play in a child’s life. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has stated that play is a child’s job.  While this may sound whimsical, it is a matter of some seriousness to child development specialists. Recently it has been acknowledged as such a significant […]

Essential Nutrients For Healthy Growing Kids

Child smiling

While it’s true that healthy diets are essential for everyone, children have different needs than adults. Their bodies are in the middle of a heavy development phase that requires abundant minerals and nutrients to achieve. Every part of their body is growing rapidly in a push to a strong and healthy maturity. Ensuring they get […]