How To Manage Picky Eating In Children

Picky Eater

Sometimes getting your child to eat a healthy diet can be challenging. Every meal can seem like a battle when they’ve exhibited picky eating habits. We all know it’s essential to ensure our child eats healthy, but what can we do when they seem determined not to cooperate? Establishing a diverse diet in our children […]

Importance of Regular Eye Check-Ups in Children

Child with eye open

Regular check-ups are an essential part of protecting your growing child’s health. Among the check-ups your child will need to receive regularly are optical exams. Children who have vision problems during their childhood experience several repercussions. The most prominent concern relates to their ability to learn effectively. Your child may not tell you they have […]

What is Prune Belly Syndrome?

Woman Experiecing Pain from Prune Belly Syndrome

Eagle-Barrett syndrome, more commonly known as Prune Belly Syndrome (PBS), is a congenital disorder that primarily affects male-bodied children. This condition is identified by a combination of three abnormalities appearing in combination. These abnormalities include urinary tract malformations, underdeveloped abdominal muscles, and undescended testicles. We will discuss the symptoms, causes, and diagnostic procedures for identifying […]

The Hidden Dangers of the Sparkling Water Trend

Woman drinking sparkling water

For individuals who prefer effervescent, flavored drinks, sparkling water has become a popular, hydrating, low-calorie substitute for sugary drinks. However, even though sparkling water may seem innocuous, frequent and excessive intake can negatively impact oral health. This is why we want to bring attention to the hidden hazards of sparkling water. The Unknown Risks of […]

Understanding The Risks Of Childhood Scoliosis


One thing from our childhoods that will be familiar to everyone is being checked for scoliosis. Scoliosis is a condition characterized by our spine curving abnormally to the side. It impacts people of every age and commonly appears during our school-age years. When addressed early, it’s easy to treat and correct, but it can become […]

Understanding Pediatric Feeding Disorders: Challenges and Strategies

Pediatric Feeding

Feeding disorders can be the source of notable challenges for those suffering from them. Pediatric patients living with a feeding disorder can impact their overall well-being in various ways. Their growth and development can suffer if they aren’t receiving sufficient nutrition and support as part of their care. Advanced Pediatrics of Rocklands provides opportunities for […]

Pediatric Hypertension: High Blood Pressure Can Happen Earlier Than You Think

Gem Heart Near Stethoscope On Pink Background

Blood pressure refers to the force applied to the walls of your arteries as blood flows through your body. High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a condition where this pressure is higher than usual and poses a potential health risk. While many believe this condition is restricted to adults, it is also known to appear […]

RSV In Children: Not Just a Cold

RSV Letters Over a Blue Background

Before they become two years old, almost all kids contract RSV at least once. RSV is as expected in healthy kids as a cold. But RSV can cause serious illness in particular kids.  Respiratory infections are one of the many viruses that cause respiratory illnesses—nose, throat, and lung ailments. Typically, this virus strikes between late […]

Why Boredom Can Be Good for Your Child

Bored Child Laying on The Floor

When you think about how wide and wonderful the world is, it can be difficult to believe that such a thing as boredom exists. When we arrive fresh from the womb, we’re endlessly fascinated with everything around us. As we get older, our perception changes and things we once found fascinating may instead be considered […]

What Can You Do If Your Baby Is Constipated?

Constipated Infant

Constipation happens when your baby’s stools are hard and dry. Constipation can make it difficult for your child to have bowel movements. And in some cases, constipation can be painful. Constipation is common when babies are switching from milk to solid food. Many parents believe switching from breast milk to solid food will prevent constipation, […]