Safeguarding Health: The Vital Role of Childhood Vaccinations

In the heart of Pomona, NY, Dr. Andrew Satran and his team at Advanced Pediatrics of Rockland are committed to ensuring the health and well-being of children through comprehensive care, including essential vaccinations. This blog delves into the significance of immunizations and the recommended schedule to protect young lives from preventable diseases. Understanding the Power […]

Cultivating Healthy Eating: Delicious Recipes for Kids by Dr. Andrew Satran

The importance of good eating habits cannot be overstated in the quest to raise healthy, happy children. Dr. Andrew Satran, a renowned pediatrician at Advanced Pediatrics of Rockland in Pomona, NY, is an advocate for integrating nutritious and enjoyable meals into a child’s daily routine. This blog shares a collection of kid-friendly recipes designed to […]

Sparking Creativity in Children: Engaging Play Ideas from Dr. Andrew Satran

In a world increasingly dominated by screens and structured activities, Dr. Andrew Satran of Advanced Pediatrics of Rockland emphasizes the importance of creative play for children’s development. Located in Pomona, NY, Dr. Satran advocates for activities that not only entertain but also stimulate growth and learning. The Importance of Play in Child Development Play is […]

Navigating the World of Pediatric Care: A Guide by Dr. Andrew Satran

Pediatrics is more than just medical care for children; it’s a journey through the various stages of growth and development. Dr. Andrew Satran and the team at Advanced Pediatrics of Rockland in Pomona, NY, are dedicated to guiding families through this intricate path. The Role of a Pediatrician: Beyond the Basics Pediatricians are more than […]

How To Create A Child-Safe Environment at Home

Child Safety

There’s an undeniable joy in watching our children grow and discover the world around them. From their first babble to their eager steps, our homes witness the most intimate moments of their young lives. As they begin their journey of exploration, our homes, while a sanctuary, can also present a myriad of potential risks. Dr. […]

Help for the Holidays: Surviving Stress During Pregnancy

Winter Health

The holiday season, with its cheerful festivities and bustling preparations, often brings an added layer of stress, especially for expectant mothers. Pregnancy already presents its unique challenges; mix in holiday planning, family gatherings, and end-of-year demands, and it becomes a cocktail of potential stressors. Dr. Andrew Satran of Advanced Pediatrics of Rockland understands the dynamics […]

Ear Infections in Children, Babies & Toddlers And How To Manage Them

Child with an ear infection

As our children grow, it’s common for them to experience ear infections. These infections occur more frequently in the very young but can appear in children of any age. Advanced Pediatrics of Rockland is a nurturing have dedicated to providing comprehensive healthcare for the youngest members of your family. With Dr. Sartran’s and our team’s […]

Why Kids Need to Spend Time in Nature

Child with Family Outdoors

At Advanced Pediatrics of Rockland, we provide pediatric care in an environment focused on a holistic approach to care. Dr. Andrew Satran and our team focus on ensuring that all aspects of your child’s health are considered. Spending time in nature is indispensable to our children’s comprehensive development. Spending time out immersed in the natural […]

What To Do If Your Child Swallows Something

Child swallowing a battery

Your child’s safety and well-being is our primary concern at Advanced Pediatrics of Rockland. Our team brings years of experience caring for families and helping them respond to emergency situations quickly and effectively. It’s almost inevitable that your child will swallow something they shouldn’t during their developmental years. This can cause great concern for the […]

Gettings Started With Solid Foods With Your Child

Child eating solid food

The transition to solid foods is an important milestone in the lives of our children. Not only does it herald an important growth stage, but it will also be easier to ensure their dietary and nutritional needs are met. It also represents an important opportunity to ensure that your child has a diverse palette that […]