Why Kids Need to Spend Time in Nature

Child with Family Outdoors

At Advanced Pediatrics of Rockland, we provide pediatric care in an environment focused on a holistic approach to care. Dr. Andrew Satran and our team focus on ensuring that all aspects of your child’s health are considered. Spending time in nature is indispensable to our children’s comprehensive development. Spending time out immersed in the natural world can positively impact their health and well-being.

How Spending Time In Nature Cultivates Your Child’s Health

The hectic pace of our modern world makes it challenging to ensure that we get enough leisure time outdoors. However, ensuring your child has time to immerse themselves in nature exposes them to multiple benefits. The simplest, of course, are the health benefits of getting outside and being active. There’s no playground as varied and full of things to explore and discover as natural places.

  • Mental Well-Being: Natural spaces provide moments of quiet unbroken by technology and free from unwanted interruption. Exploring the natural world and what it offers eases your child’s anxiety and stress. Beyond merely being outdoors, being in green spaces has been shown to enhance mental well-being, self-esteem, and moods.
  • Cognitive Growth: In addition to their mental well-being, these natural spaces help to boost your child’s creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking skills. In addition, these settings will stimulate the senses, encouraging the children to engage with the world around them.  
  • Connect To The Environment: This time spent in nature will also instill an appreciation for the natural world around them. This can lead to their developing a sense of stewardship, conscientiousness about the environment, and responsibility for the world around them as they grow older.
  • Development Of A Health Immune System: Studies have shown that exposure to the outdoors can help improve your child’s immune system. They’ll encounter countless microorganisms that their immune system will typically overcome without ill effect. While doing so, they’ll build up antibodies that will protect their health against these and other microorganisms in the future.

We won’t deny it: Technology is a wonderful thing. There are so many stories, friends, and experiences that the internet and the virtual world it connects us with can provide. However, we mustn’t forsake the natural world for the virtual ones of our creation. It’s essential to take steps to help them immerse themselves in the great outdoors so they can experience the benefits of the exploration, discovery, and growth that come with it.

Discover More Ways To Boost Your Child’s Health With Us

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