Why Boredom Can Be Good for Your Child

Bored Child Laying on The Floor

When you think about how wide and wonderful the world is, it can be difficult to believe that such a thing as boredom exists. When we arrive fresh from the womb, we’re endlessly fascinated with everything around us. As we get older, our perception changes and things we once found fascinating may instead be considered dull. In our modern connected world, we’re also likely to be constantly connected with ads, gaming, chats, and countless other distractions. This constant stream of data isn’t always good for us, and children, in particular, can benefit from being “bored” occasionally.

How Can Boredom Be Good For My Children?

Boredom can be thought of as a state where we are not actively engaged with anything and feel a sense of dissatisfaction about that fact. Technology has made feeling boredom much less common; however, that doesn’t mean constant stimulation is a good thing. It is in the quiet halls of boredom that we have an opportunity to find ourselves. These moments cause us to look for new forms of entertainment and stimulation and can lead us to unexpected discoveries. More importantly, it is inevitable that we will end up in a situation where we cannot engage in our favorite distractions. This may be because they are unavailable, or it is inappropriate to do so. Playing games on our phones isn’t typically smiled upon during a wedding or funeral, for example.

Some benefits of allowing your children to be “bored” sometimes include:

  • Quiet Time Is Essential To Growth –  We may also consider the future, devise plans, and explore new hobbies or concepts. These opportunities are essential for children and just as important for adults.
  • Daydreaming – Daydreaming is an essential part of our mental health. When we are free from distraction, we find ourselves in a state where we can begin to explore ourselves. During these periods, we think more deeply about our lives and place in them and process our experiences more deeply. 
  • Mindfulness – Being mindful is being aware and at the moment rather than being distracted or dwelling on the past or future. Being in the moment allows us to appropriately manage ourselves and react to our environment. Without this time, we don’t learn to self-soothe and manage ourselves in difficult circumstances. It also provides us to be more empathic about the feelings of others.

These benefits come with experiencing boredom at any age. Being able to live in the quiet of the world and pay attention to our surroundings both physically and emotionally are critical parts of being healthy adults. 

Discover More About Boredom With Advanced Pediatrics of Rockland

If you’re ready to explore the benefits of boredom in the life of you and your child, reach out to Advanced Pediatrics of Rockland today. You can reach Dr. Andrew Satran by calling our Pomona, NY office at (845) 364-9800 and speaking to a member of our team. They’ll arrange for an exam and consultation for your child, during which you can discover every aspect of their health. Together, we’ll help prepare your child for a healthy, active future!

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