What to Expect at Your Child’s Sick

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Unlike an annual physical that concentrates on the health and development of your child’s entire body, a sick visit focuses on the issue that prompted you to bring them into the office. While not as comprehensive or lengthy as an annual physical, a sick visit is just as important to your child’s health and well-being. 

It’s important to determine whether your child’s needs require a sick visit or emergency care. While a sick visit can usually be arranged with a same-day appointment, emergency conditions require immediate medical attention at a hospital emergency department, where appointments aren’t necessary. 

When your child is suffering from an acute condition, pediatrician Andrew Satran, MD, and our staff at Advanced Pediatrics of Rockland deliver professional diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of childhood ailments. 

In addition to providing the reassurance both you and your child may need, our staff ensures that you receive necessary prescriptions, dosage instructions, and other recommendations to relieve your child’s symptoms and help them heal.

Knowing what to expect during a sick visit can help you prepare your child for an examination they may not want to experience when they’re uncomfortable or in pain. 

Evaluation of nonemergency conditions

A sick visit is appropriate for the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of acute illnesses, ailments, and symptoms. 

During this visit, our staff can address the following types of conditions:

  • Fevers
  • Coughs
  • Sore throats 
  • Colds and flu
  • Headaches
  • Earaches and infections
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Diarrhea and constipation
  • Allergic reactions
  • Skin rashes and infections
  • Mild to moderate asthma attacks
  • Minor burns
  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Persistent lethargy or fatigue

Office precautions

Reducing the spread of illness within our office is a top priority. We work to ensure that everyone’s visit to our office is as safe as possible, without the risk of exposure to infection.

When you arrive for a sick visit, you and your child wait in a sick waiting room so we can reduce the potential contact between contagious and well children. Regular cleaning and sterilization help keep our waiting areas safe and clean so you and your child don’t become infected with a new illness during your time there. 

The disposable examination gloves, exam table covers, and equipment covers our staff uses during your child’s visit also help prevent the transmission of infection in our office.

Limited time

When your child is sick, we do our best to schedule them as a same-day appointment. To accommodate this demand, our sick visits are limited to the evaluation and diagnosis of the illness or injury that requires care. 

If you call for a sick visit, we request information about your child’s problem to help us determine the nature of your child’s condition and the amount of time necessary for a proper examination. 

Physical examination

Many aspects of your child’s sick visit will be similar to what they experience during their annual physical. Your child will have a physical exam, including a temperature check, measurement of heartbeat and breathing with a stethoscope, and evaluation for signs of infection in their neck, throat, nose, eyes, and ears. 

Depending on your child’s symptoms, a lab test, such as a rapid strep test, may be performed. If your child needs more extensive lab work, you’ll receive orders to take to a laboratory. 

Symptom history

As a parent, your input is important to your child’s diagnosis. Our staff asks you about your child’s symptoms, medications and home remedies used, and length of illness or the circumstances of an injury. These details assist in an accurate evaluation of your child’s condition.

New and updated information about your family’s medical history may also help in diagnosing your child’s illness.

Whether your child is sick or injured, you shouldn’t think twice about scheduling a sick visit. Our caring team can help you determine the type of care your child needs and arrange a same-day appointment if necessary. To schedule, request an appointment online or call our office in Pomona, New York. 

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