Is Getting An In-Home Nurse For Your Disabled Child Right For You?

In home nurse helping special needs child

Even though it’s not the most straightforward job, parenting is unquestionably rewarding. The majority of our time as parents is devoted to attempting to look after our kids. Parents perform various everyday tasks, including feeding and bathing their children, dropping them off at school and picking them up, and assisting with their homework. Parents are already worn out as they finish the laundry, prepare supper, and clean up the dishes each night. The list of duties is endless.

Is Getting An In-Home Nurse For Your Disabled Child Right For You?

When raising a kid with special needs, your daily to-do list frequently grows and changes. More medical appointments, therapy sessions, and health issues mean more worry and tension. Many parents are unaware they can request assistance and support from outside agencies, but they certainly can!

You have access to in-home care workers whenever you need them. They do not provide medical services and are not nurses, but they can help parents reduce anxiety and worry, which can harm their health. In-home caregivers can offer support to keep parents of special needs children healthy so that they don’t get sick themselves and can continue to be physically and psychologically capable of caring for their children. In-home services can include:

  • Respite Care: Not only the terminally sick require respite care. In-home caregivers can visit your house for a predetermined period to give parents or other family members a break. Parents can go shopping, get a massage, or spend some time on a pastime. Giving the primary caregiver a break will allow them to continue supporting their family members with special requirements.
  • Housekeeping: Light cleaning services are offered by in-home providers. They can assist with laundering, dishwashing, vacuuming, dusting, and other chores.
  • Errands: Parents of children with special needs greatly benefit from having a second hand to help with chores. In-home care providers can pick up groceries for supper or prescriptions at the pharmacy without you having to bring the kids along.

In-home care is an option for parents who require an additional helping hand or a break during emotionally and physically taxing times. A parent who lacks personal time may rapidly feel the effects of caring for a special needs child. Parents of disabled children can better concentrate on their children and other family members thanks to in-home care, which also gives parents more time and assistance to complete necessary chores.

Contact Advanced Pediatrics of Rockland to Consult with an In-Home Care Professional

Requesting assistance can be more complex. But taking care of your family involves taking care of yourself, especially when trying to be a good parent and handle all your other obligations. Parents of children with special needs should remember that assistance is available when requested. Ask with honesty regarding your requirements. Depending on the child’s disability, some insurance companies will help cover the expense of in-home services. Maintaining the duties of parenthood doesn’t have to be complicated. Just inquire if you need assistance. Call Advanced Pediatrics of Rockland at (845) 364-9800 immediately to arrange a free in-home evaluation and review your choices.

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