Importance of Regular Eye Check-Ups in Children

Child with eye open

Regular check-ups are an essential part of protecting your growing child’s health. Among the check-ups your child will need to receive regularly are optical exams. Children who have vision problems during their childhood experience several repercussions. The most prominent concern relates to their ability to learn effectively. Your child may not tell you they have vision difficulty, but there are signs to watch for. At Advanced Pediatrics of Rockland, we may make vision exams a regular part of your child’s regular care and check-ups.

Identifying Vision Problems In Children

When vision concerns are identified early, it can ensure that treatment occurs before lasting impacts on their education and development occur. Regular eye check-ups are a valuable tool in helping identify when your child is experiencing vision concerns. However, there are other symptoms many children display that indicate the presence of vision concerns.

  • Frequent blinking or rubbing of eyes
  • Brief attention span
  • Avoids activities that require vision at close ranges, such as reading
  • Common headache complaints
  • Covers one eye when trying to focus
  • Tilts head to the side when looking at something
  • Holds book too close to face while reading
  • Complaints of double vision
  • Struggles with keeping their place while reading
  • Eyes drift out of alignment, such as with lazy eye

Any of these symptoms can point to a problem with their vision. If these are being observed, immediately get your child to our office for an eye exam. Even when these signs are not appearing, your child will receive regular eye exams as part of their annual check-up.

These check-ups will significantly improve the chance of catching a vision concern before it causes lasting issues. In addition, vision concerns can indicate the presence of other health concerns in their early stages. Some vision concerns, such as myopia, are becoming more common due to the digital nature of our modern world.

Regular vision check-ups also allow us to help educate parents and patients on how to ensure their vision is protected. Some common ways of protecting your child’s vision include limiting screen time and time spent outdoors to ensure their eyes are practiced at focusing on objects at different ranges. However, avoid falling for old wives’ tales, such as sitting too close to the TV or reading without sufficient light. Neither of these will harm your child’s vision, but they may cause headaches and other related concerns.

Get Comprehensive Pediatric Care At Advanced Pediatrics of Rockland

Our eyes are our window to the world, providing us with an important method of interpreting and enjoying our world. We work closely with parents like you to help protect every aspect of your child’s health, including their vision. If it’s been more than a year since your child has been to see a doctor, or they’re experiencing symptoms of impaired vision, call us today. You can reach us by calling (845) 364-9800 or stopping by our offices in Pomona, NY. Start taking steps today to protect your child’s vision to ensure they can enjoy the beautiful life they have ahead.

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