Getting The Flu Vaccination During The Pandemic

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Since the onset of the pandemic, it’s been more essential than ever to take steps to prevent illness. One easy step to accomplish this is getting your yearly flu vaccine. A flu shot yearly is essential to lasting help, especially in older patients. However, it also increases the COVID-19 exposure risk. While this risk has been changing as the pandemic seems to wane, it still pays to take caution when receiving a flu shot.

Getting The Flu Vaccination During The Pandemic

It’s important to know that getting the flu vaccine will not serve to protect you from getting COVID-19. However, receiving a flu shot benefits everyone. Not being hospitalized with the flu means more beds stay open for patients battling COVID-19 and other life-threatening conditions. Even without this consideration, it’s protecting yourself from catching the flu is important. It protects you against two separate forms of the influenza virus, influenza A and influenza B.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Flu Vaccine:

  • When Should I Get My Flu Shot? The flu vaccine takes months to produce and is usually available in late August or September. This is when it’s the most available, though you can also get it by the end of the season.
  • When Is Flu Season? While you can develop the flu at any time of year, it’s most prevalent from December to February. Some individuals may also come down with the flu as late as April or May.
  • How Effective Is The Flu Shot? Numerous factors determine the effectiveness of the flu vaccine. Older and younger patients tend to benefit most from these shots. However, circumstances can alter this efficacy depending on the strain making rounds in your community. The flu vaccine is generally noted as being 60% effective on average.  
  • What Happens If I Get The Flu Anyway? Those who have the vaccine report getting milder flu cases and recovering from those cases faster.
  • Can I Become Immune To The Flu? Unlike many diseases, it doesn’t appear that we can become immune to the flu. This is likely due to its high mutation rate and the abundance of new strains that appear each year.  
  • What Strains Does The Flu Vaccine Prevent? Every year the flu vaccine is produced to address the most prominent strains in circulation. So what strains it protects against varies from year to year.

The battle with the flu is ongoing. While it’s not as deadly or dangerous as COVID-19 in most cases, it can be serious. Those very young and the elderly are those most susceptible to dangerous flu cases.

Speak To Your Pediatrician About Getting The Flu Vaccine

Your pediatrician can provide important information about the availability of the flu vaccine. They can also address any questions or concerns about your child vaccinated against the flu. The most important thing to recall is that the most effective way of beating the flu is by not getting it all. Reach out to your pediatrician for a consultation about the flu vaccine today.

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