Essential Nutrients For Healthy Growing Kids

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While it’s true that healthy diets are essential for everyone, children have different needs than adults. Their bodies are in the middle of a heavy development phase that requires abundant minerals and nutrients to achieve. Every part of their body is growing rapidly in a push to a strong and healthy maturity. Ensuring they get the proper vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients during this time is critical to helping them live their best lives. However, a few of these nutrients stand out in importance above the others. Below we’re going to discuss the essential nutrients for your child to grow up healthy and strong.

Essential Nutrients For Healthy Growing Kids

Your child will need six essential nutrients to reach adulthood in the best possible health. Each of these work together to ensure that this critical period of their development has the fuel it needs to succeed. Regardless of your diet, ensure that your child gets the following:

  • Calcium – This mineral is the cornerstone of your teeth and bones. They ensure that your children grow to their maximum potential height with strong bones and teeth. Bones, in particular, can suffer if your child isn’t getting sufficient calcium in their diet. Phosphorous and potassium are also essential parts of this process.
  • Fiber – While fiber is neither a vitamin nor a mineral, fiber tends to be found in foods with high amounts of other essential ingredients. In addition to its companion minerals, fiber is essential for the healthy growth and development of your children’s system. Young children, in particular, need about 18 grams of fiber daily compared to the 25 of a grown adult. This means that children’s need for fiber is higher calorie for calorie.
  • The B Vitamin Family – This family of vitamins has an essential role in the body’s ability to properly use energy. The nervous system, heart, and metabolism all have high requirements for these vitamins. Animal-based foods are the best source of these vitamins, including eggs, fish, meat, and poultry. Supplements are available for those who live with a restrictive food diet for health or personal reasons.
  • Vitamin D – Along with calcium, Vitamin D is essential for developing healthy bones and teeth. Breastfed children often need vitamin D supplements until they are switched to whole milk reinforced with Vitamin D. You can find this mineral in eggs, milk, and fortified cereals.

These four vitamins represent essential parts of your child’s diet. Ensuring that they receive sufficient amounts of them will go a long way to ensuring that their development advances properly.

Speak To Your Pediatrician About Further Nutrition Concerns

These vitamins merely represent the bedrock of those necessary for healthy development. However, many others play important roles in your child’s development. Reach your pediatrician to learn more about diets that will help developing children grow up healthy and strong.

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