Effective Holistic Ways to Protect Your Children in this Cold and Flu Season

Child with Allergies

No parent enjoys seeing their child suffer from symptoms of the cold or flu. We all wish that there was a way to protect them from these illnesses or at least cure them quickly. While traditional care remains an important part of remaining healthy, natural remedies, do have a place. There are ways to boost your immune system, ease symptoms, and help your child recover if they still get caught by a cold or flu. Advanced Pediatrics of Rockland believes in an all-inclusive approach to healthcare, combining prevention and traditional treatments.

Holistic Ways to Protect Your Children Against Cold and Flu

The most important thing your children can do to protect themselves from cold and flu season is to wash their hands often. A thorough hand-washing eliminates the disease present on our hands, reducing the likelihood they’ll manage to infect us. Everywhere your child goes, they’ll encounter bacteria and viruses on surfaces and other people. Routinely washing their hands keeps these invaders at bay.

Other ways to protect your child include:

  • Herbal Echinacea – Echinacea is a type of coneflower that has been shown to be a practical preventative step against colds and flu. Taking echinacea helps reduce the frequency of colds and speed recovery. You can obtain echinacea over the counter in herbal or pill form, as well as chewy tablets and liquids. A pleasant way to get echinacea is in the form of tea.
  • Elbow-Sneezing – This is more of a way to prevent the spread of cold and flu. Teach your child to sneeze into their elbow if they’re sick. This helps contain the spray and particulates that can carry bacteria to others. Further, it prevents them from having to wash their hands as often.
  • Build Their Immunity – While vaccines are absolutely necessary, you can bolster their effect. You can achieve this by ensuring your child gets out and stays active and does not over-sterilizing the home. The exposure they receive to germs and bacteria will serve to build up their immune system against invaders.
  • Feed A Cold or Flu – Their little bodies are fighting hard, so give them the fuel they need to beat it. However, you also want to avoid giving them milk and other products that stimulate mucous production. High-fat and sugary foods should also be kept to the wayside in favor of simple foods and warm broths.

These are just a few ways you can help your child avoid getting sick and recover quickly when they do.

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