Ear Infections in Children, Babies & Toddlers And How To Manage Them

Child with an ear infection

As our children grow, it’s common for them to experience ear infections. These infections occur more frequently in the very young but can appear in children of any age. Advanced Pediatrics of Rockland is a nurturing have dedicated to providing comprehensive healthcare for the youngest members of your family. With Dr. Sartran’s and our team’s help, we’ll guide you in avoiding these infections and what to do when they occur.

Managing Ear Infections In Children Of All Ages

The vulnerability of children, especially infants and toddlers, to developing ear infections is well known. This is due in part to their immune systems still being in development. However, they also have eustachian tubes that are more horizontal and smaller than those in adults. These differences make it more difficult for these tubes to drain, and thus, they become more susceptible to infection. The earlier you start treatment for an ear infection, the less uncomfortable it will be for your child, and the more effective the treatment will be. Some signs of an ear infection include:

  • Pulling or Tugging of Ears: This is a common sign of an ear infection in your child. Rather than pulling or tugging, they may also touch the area frequently.
  • Irritability or Fussiness: Ear infections can often make getting comfortable difficult. The constant throbbing ache can make sleeping challenging and cause fussiness, mood changes, and irritability.
  • Fluid Draining From The Ear: This symptom indicates you may need to take your child to the emergency room. Drainage of pus or fluid from your child’s ear can indicate a ruptured eardrum. Eardrum ruptures can occur when an infection becomes severe.

There are several approaches available to manage ear infections. Dr. Satran uses a comprehensive approach that aids in a rapid recovery and helps ensure the rapid return of your child’s comfort. Our strategy in treating your child may include one or more of the following:

  • Antibiotics: The go-to approach used in almost every case, antibiotics effectively fight infection and promote healing.
  • Pain Relief Medication: In most cases, over-the-counter medication will ease fever and discomfort caused by ear infections while the antibiotics have time to work.
  • Ensuring Proper Hygiene: It’s essential to keep the ears dry both during the healing process and afterward. Water in the ear contributes to the recurrence of ear infections.

Understanding how to identify the signs of ear infections and what to expect during treatment will help you provide your child with the support they need. With the help of Advanced Pediatrics of Rockland, you’ll quickly have your child free from the infection and the discomfort it causes.

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